Emotional Freedom Technique


EFT involves tapping on meridian points.

EFT combines modern psychology with tapping on meridian endpoints to clear old energy, stuck patterns, pain, anxiety and anything else you’d like to try it on! This powerful technique often works where other modalities and therapies have been ineffective.

We develop deep patterns from our beliefs, and then it paints the picture of our whole lives:
*where we live
*what we do
*how we dress
*how we are in relationships

What if we could shift our perceptions and behaviors thus shifting our lives?

What do we really desire?

Do we change our behavior to match our goals, or do we change or goals to match our behavior?

What would our life look like if we pulled down the walls of our limiting beliefs and became the Creator of our experiences?!!!!

EFT can help with:
– Creating Abundance
– Fertility
– Relationship
– Finding Love
– Personal Fulfillment
– Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
– Stress Relief
– Trauma
– Physical Pain
– Phobias
– Creating New Patterns
– Weight Loss
– Auto-Immune Issues
– Addiction and more…

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