Colon Hydrotherapists

Elena Bykova


ELENA BYKOVA moved to NY from Russia, Siberia in 2010.

Armed with a bachelor degree in Mathematics, Elena was on the fast track towards a career in finance, but soon realized how unfulfilling and meaningless her job was. Eventually, she moved to the USA alone and started a new life.

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 Donna Perrone

My mission is to provide a forum for people to discover and achieve optimal health and well-being. Working as a therapist, a workshop leader and a radio host allows me to support and provide information to the health conscious community.

The emphasis is to increase the amount of raw food in ones diet, to cleanse and nourish the body properly, and to understand all the tenants needed for a healthy life.

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 Laura Fritz


I have explored many paths on my journey to health from achieving an 80 lb weight loss, weaning off birth control pills, managing anxiety, to cleansing from candida overgrowth.

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