Cynthia Shankman

Cynthia Shankman

Cynthia Shankman

Certified Colonic Therapist and Body Ecology Diet Coach.

“I’m passionate about helping clients create their own strongest body, mind, and spirit utilizing natural methods. I see Colonic Hydrotherapy as both physical and spiritual.”

I grew up eating the Standard American Diet. I was a self-professed white flour, sugar-aholic. I really didn’t know any other way. I was blessed with high energy and a strong body from an early age, but as I entered my late 20’s that natural energy and strength began to dissipate. I stumbled upon the book Sugar Blues by William Duffy, which he wrote in 1975, and continues to be a classic today.

Reading this book was my first professional introduction into nutrition. I began to make the connection that what I ate and drank might have something to do with how I felt. I began to see there was a higher consciousness to the food I was eating and that healthy eating was sustainable as a lifestyle.

As my awareness around food and health was increasing, I became aware of a problem. I had a very powerful health-robber sitting in my mouth in the form of many, many metal amalgam fillings. I was having symptoms of mercury toxicity in the form of depression, low thyroid function, constipation, and beginning heart issues. After being directed by a nutritionist and having read the book Whole Body Dentistry by Mark Breiner, I set about having my amalgams removed.

Inspired by my desire to be well, I created a wellness plan for myself using The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates. While consulting with Donna by phone, I learned many of her central tenets such as “All health begins in the digestive tract and creating a healthy colon is a great first step to wellness.” I began cleansing and rebuilding my gut flora which helped to detox the mercury and restore my health. Through colonics my skin became brighter, my eyesight improved and I grew younger; as my thyroid issues, depression and beginning heart problems disappeared.

I now joyfully share this message of health and action with my clients. The worthiness of self-improvement is evident each day that we are more conscious, more loving, and more willing to share our eternally attractive selves with the world. This sharing of goodness and beauty is what expands and transforms all of us. Colon hydrotherapy helps us access that expansion through improved bodies which lead to improved minds. I see Colon Hydrotherapy as the fountain of youth and gorgeousness within all of us. Plain and simple – Colon Hydrotherapy works for creating health and vibrancy. We all love doing what works!

“Health and cheerfulness make beauty.”