Jennifer Gage

Jennifer Gage

Jennifer Gage

Certified Colonic Therapist

Jennifer began as a client, who was seeking to look and feel better. She was suffering from constipation, acne, digestive issues, and desired to lose about 30 pounds. She wanted to regain her health in a natural way, and began searching for ways to heal herself holistically. She read books that spoke about ways to detoxify the body such as juice fasting and colon cleansing. She was inspired to change her diet and explore eating more wholesome healthy foods and to become a vegetarian. She wasn’t quite ready to juice fast then but began incorporating vegetable juices in her diet.

Eventually, Jennifer felt ready to have a colonic session and found Gravity East Village. She felt so much better and was convinced that she needed a series of colonics. After two months she no longer suffered from bloating and constipation, achieved her weight loss goals and her acne cleared up!.

Her renewed sense of energy helped her to feel her best and she noticed that colonics helped her to be more conscious of her food choices and creating better eating habits.

Jennifer joined the Gravity East Village family first as our receptionist. She became immersed in seeing so many clients benefit from colon hydro therapy. This led her to getting certified as a therapist and working at Gravity East Village as a therapist.

Jennifer is a terrific therapist. She has truly blossomed in coming into her personal growth and is a valuable, cherished member of the Gravity team of therapists. Her dedication stands on its own virtue. She has so much to offer with a cheerful, kind, patient disposition. She will make you feel at ease.

Jennifer enjoys acting, exercise, movies, and travel. She is a Native New Yorker and is newly married.