Sara Guilbeau-Vallejo

Certified Colonic Therapist

“I am originally from California.  I moved to New York in 2009 to pursue a career in music.  I am a certified yoga instructor and avid practitioner of holistic healing and wellness.

Since living with digestive issues from a young age, having random allergic reactions, and experiencing symptoms with no explanation as to why, I found myself on antibiotics and other over the counter medications for most of my childhood and adult life.  Circumstances brought me to the realization that it didn’t always have to be about taking something to combat the symptoms of what was bothering me. I thought there must be another way to feel better without experiencing the negative side effects from medication and food.

I began reading blogs on all things regarding alternative medicine. In particular, the blogger, ‘Wellness Mama,’ made a profound impact on the way I approached my daily life. I changed the foods I ate, sleep patterns, and began practicing yoga and meditation to calm my mind during a difficult transition time. I was making significant progress but still didn’t feel my best self.

The book, Raw Food Life Force Energy, by Natalia Rose found its way to me and changed my life.  The information that she provided was from a personal level all the way to a global level. Her book describes that everything we do impacts everything else. She wrote about the use of probiotics, body brushing, eating foods with the highest vibrancy and getting colonics to remove the buildup of wastes and toxins that have accumulated in the body for years. This all made sense to me.  As soon as I took the necessary steps my energy improved.  The rash flare-ups and brain fog that I was experiencing were slowly fading away.

I was a client of Gravity East Village for a few years, feeling lighter and healthier after every session. What an impact it made to remove the buildup of medications and processed food residues!! I was learning so much from my Gravity family about essential oils, healthy recipes, and had gained confidence and knowledge to take hold of my body and health wholeheartedly.

Before setting out on a yearlong trip around the world with my husband, I wanted to be in the best possible health I could be. A month before we left, I discovered I had been carrying around a few parasites with me for over 10 years! This was a shock and a relief because it gave me the full explanation of why I still wasn’t feeling my very best; despite doing all things geared towards improving my health.

I took anti-parasitic herbs from Young Living Essential Oils, and gave myself a coffee enema almost every day for a month, finally beginning to see parasites come out. I continued to take the herbal supplements for the next 8 months while we traveled. I never once fell ill while taking these herbs. After 14 months, however, I couldn’t take it anymore and I returned home feeling as sick as I used to when I was a child. Turns out, I had 4 more parasites.

Coming back to Gravity East Village was just what my body needed. What a relief to get colonics again to help fight off the parasites. It was then that I decided to join the Gravity family. The incredible journey I have been on with my health has made me realize that I want to give to and empower others with this knowledge I have gained through taking steps to improve my health. I am grateful to be feeling so much better than I have ever felt in my life!

By listening to your body and adopting a balanced lifestyle rich in whole foods, having compassion towards ourselves and to others through yoga and meditation, and self-care with colonics, we can all lead a vibrant life!”