Like a reliable anti-virus app for your computer, biofeedback is responsible for monitoring the entire body for existing or potential malfunctions and health conditions. It also aims to identify areas of life heavily impacted by the stress factors, based on what it finds.

An analysis of the bioenergetic field can determine when and where this field is out of balance. Using sensitive instruments, we measure the bioenergetic field as expressed on one’s hand or through the voice, providing a detailed picture, mapping areas of the patient’s central nervous system (operating system) that are out of balance.

The results of the scan are reviewed by Arul, the practitioner and explained in layman’s terms.  Each system that is asking for support has a physical, emotional and energetic component.  Once identified we will open the blocked channels using a frequency device called a MiHealth and restore the correct Information with liquid remedies called Infoceudicals which will help to optimize the body-field’s energy levels and information flow so that proper communication can take place.

Biofeedback Bio

Arul was first introduced to the NES Biofeedback system about 10 years ago.  At the time her kids were still young and she started practicing running the scans on them.  Using the BioFeedback scan reports Arul followed the suggested protocols for ailments such as nagging coughs, digestive issues and eczema.  The results were mind blowing.

Her son had a cough that lasted for months.  He was an aspiring basketball player but couldn’t get down the court without having a coughing fit.  After seeing the pediatrician twice to have his lungs checked they were feeling frustrated and out of answers as his lungs were clear.  Arul then decided to run a scan on him with the expectation of finding something come up in his lungs.  Again they proved to be clear, however there were underlining digestive issues appearing and emotional disturbances of feeling “unheard & unseen” by his big sister.  After making a few adjustments to his diet and putting him on the proper protocol his cough cleared up in a matter of days.  This was when Arul fell in love with the BioFeedback system.

What she wasn’t expecting was the added bonus of “talk therapy.”  The scan reports provided a platform to realize things that were going on in the person’s psyche that they may not even realize were bothering them.  Using this with her children became a weekly practice, there homegrown version of family therapy.  They would spend hours together reviewing the scans and discussing how the findings “resonated” with how they were feeling.  It enabled Arul as a mama to gain greater perspective on her little ones feelings, thoughts and concerns so that she could help support them on a deeper level.

Arul still does scans for herself, her kids and even puppies!  It’s a wonderful, gentle and non invasive way to get to know yourself better and bring your bioenergetic field back into resonance.

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