The Passing Of Jameth Sheridan, Founder Of HealthForce.


I heard the news yesterday about the passing of Jameth Sheridan, the founder of HealthForce Nutritionals. The world is at loss and Jamie will be missed. I can not even express how sorry I am. I want to express my very best wishes to Kim, his wife, Rick, his brother and to his family and friends.

Dr. Jameth Sheridan gave so much. He was a brilliant man with a great loving heart. He was so passionate in his quest for truth. He cared about humanity. He was such a wonderful example of what he believed and lived by it. I always felt that he was a man of great ethics and integrity. I admired his courage to create his company and to strive to have the best quality products. Even in the toxic world we live in with so much opposition; Jamie kept working toward doing the right thing. Jameth inspired so many people to go for a great life and to reach for their full potential. He spoke so passionately and he told the truth. His generous soul has made its impact and so many people have benefited from what he gave. At Gravity East Village we have carried only the best quality nutritionals.

I began taking HealthForce products back in the 1990’s when he first started his company. I have been following Jamie all these years and have admired him so much for all he stands for. We proudly offer HealthForce nutritional products for sale at Gravity East Village.
I am so sad. So shocked. And so sorry.

Please read Jameth’s Memorial on the HealthForce Website:

Best Wishes,
Donna Perrone
Founder, Gravity East Village
Founder, Accent On Wellness

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