Kalika Minerva

Certified Colonic Therapist

My journey towards wellness has led me to a career in colon hydrotherapy. As a child, I suffered from chronic constipation that continued into adulthood. I never knew that having a bowel movement every few days wasn’t normal. So, I lived with it. I was introduced to colonics back in 1998, and started getting sessions a few times a year. I was not informed back then, about the importance and benefits of receiving colonic sessions. I received a colonic session when I felt like I needed a “clean out” because I would often use laxatives to get relief from the chronic constipation. I later realized this was not the best remedy for my on-going problem.

In my thirties, I became very ill, and gained an enormous amount of weight. I developed migraine headaches, my breasts grew 3 times larger in size, my hair started falling out, and I felt terrible most of the time. I visited numerous physicians that could not explain why I was sick. I was always told, “there is nothing wrong with you.” That’s when I took matters into my own hands, and made the decision to change my life and adopt a plant- based lifestyle.

I began my journey with a 30 day juice fast which turned into 60 days, because I never felt better. The weight literally melted off me, my breasts reverted back to their normal size, the migraine headaches subsided, and I was having a bowel movement once or twice a week. By the Spring of 2013, on the 61st day of my newly chosen life, I dumped the 32 different prescription medications that I had in my medicine cabinet, and have very seldom taken any type of medicine since.

Since then, I have embarked on a path towards wellness. In 2016, I made colonics a more active part of my life, because I learned that by getting them administered on a regular basis it would help me become more regular as time goes on. I took the advice of my colon hydro-therapist, and started to get them more frequently. To tell you the truth, I received way more benefit than what I bargained for.

As a result, my colon health became better, and to my astonishment, my mental health did as well. It was as if someone had turned on a light bulb in my brain, because I could now think clearer. My skin, posture, hair, sleep, and energy levels all improved. I was so impressed with my results that I wanted to ensure that others would be able to have either the same or an even better experience than I did.

My decision to become a colon hydro-therapist was solely based on assisting others in their achievement to optimal health. I am very happy to be a part of the Gravity East Village team. I am here to assist you in having a wonderful cleansing experience, however I can, to support you on your wellness journey.