Cecil Hedigan

Licensed Massage Therapist


I have many years experience offering massage therapy and I always enjoy helping others feel better. My work is fluid, connected and relaxing. I do not just rub oil on someone and glide over the surface of their problems, I listen to the body. I work deeply where it is required and how deeply I work is guided by my understanding of trigger points, fascia and body energetics.

Trigger points are the knots you feel in your muscles; fascia is connective tissue, the layers that surround everything in our bodies. Trigger points can radiate pain, but many of the restrictions that cause us discomfort are located in the connective tissue that wraps the muscles, Myofascial Release techniques address this latter aspect. Getting a massage from a practitioner who knows how to address both layers can make massage more than just a tool for relaxation.

My work is also influenced by my studies of shiatsu, sotai and tui na. In practice that means I try to respect the direction energy flows in your body which leaves you feeling more balanced after the massage.