Justine Parker

Reiki Therapist

Justine Parker grew up in a household where holistic healing and integrative wellness were core to her relationship to health and her personal spiritual development.  Her mother is a Reiki master, and through her, Justine was introduced to the many positive and transformative benefits of Reiki.

Despite her spiritual upbringing, Justine suffered from chronic migraines throughout her teenage and early adult years.  It was ultimately a healing combination of Reiki, acupuncture, yoga, daily meditation and dietary changes that finally treated the root of Justine’s migraines, and inspired her to study Reiki so she could begin spreading the Reiki love and start helping to heal others.

Justine received her Reiki I and II certifications from Lisa Levine, founder of Maha Rose Center for Healing in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  An ancient Japanese healing technique, Reiki is harmonizing and high vibration — a universal life energy that works to gently balance and heal the physical, emotional and mental bodies to restore peace and wellbeing. In each Reiki session, Justine listens to her intuition and her patient’s needs, using a mixture of healing touch and crystals to leave her clients feeling deeply relaxed, energized and rejuvenated.