Tranquil waiting area at Gravity East Village

Gravity East Village is a wellness center in NYC specializing in colon hydrotherapy sessions. We take a practical approach to cleansing.

We offer Gravity Colonics that replenishes not only the colon, but can renew the entire body!

Through diet and lifestyle improvement the body’s own innate healing capabilities begin to loosen stored toxins.

With the assistance of various cleansing techniques, we open the detoxification channels of the body, quickly removing loosened wastes.



Our services include Gravity Method Colonics, Far Infrared Sauna sessions, Therapeutic Massage, Emotional Freedom Technique, Sound & Vibrational Healing, Reiki, Nutritional Counseling & Cleansing Programs as well as Diet & Detox Workshops in Manhattan to support you in the process. Clear skin, weight loss, high energy and strong vitality are just some of the results of this work.

With our deepest gratitude expressed to our clients. Check out our fabulous reviews on Yelp.

Gravity is home to Accent on Wellness with Donna Perrone.

CBS News Visits Gravity

Toni On! New York: Ross Ryman’s ‘Cleansing’

CBS visits GravityCBS News visits Gravity East Village and correspondent Ross Ryman receives a colonic! The segment aired recently. Check out the episode Toni On! New York: Ross Ryman’s ‘Cleansing: https://youtu.be/SG3JwDLWN-k

Anyone that watches this video can receive $10 OFF your next Colon Hydro-therapy session at Gravity! Please mention ‘CBS NEWS’ to get the one time discount when you schedule your appointment. Not to be used on any other specials or packages.