Coffee Enema & Castor Oil Pack

Coffee enema session

Coffee enema session

Have you ever cleansed your liver? It has been well documented that coffee enemas are a viable way to cleanse and rejuvenate your body and can be a great resource to aid the body in healing of disease or imbalance.

I have asked many of our clients whether they had ever tried a coffee enema, and I was surprised that most of them had never explored this valuable cleansing method. Most expressed that they thought they would do it wrong or make a mess. This got me thinking that this is a great service to offer our clients to help them to experience a liver cleanse.

I devised a session that will begin with a Castor Oil Pack using excellent quality Premier Castor Oil with Young Living’s Juva Flex (optional) on an organic cotton Flannel using an Earthwrappe heating pad throughout your session. You will enjoy Young Living Aromatherapy Oils under your feet to create a better relaxation.

While your Castor Oil Pack is underway to turn on your liver and gallbladder cleanse your Therapist will prepare fresh ground Premier Organic Coffee with state of the art filtered Water.

When your Castor Oil Pack is done your Therapist will conduct the Coffee Enema using your own Enema Bucket and the first round of coffee will reside in the lower portion of the colon. You will hold the coffee for 10 minutes. When the time is completed you will release on the toilet. A second round of coffee is taken and holding for 10 minutes more. Then release and finish up.

You can take your coffee enema bucket home (a $16 value) and if you would like the recipe to do this at home I would be happy to share it with you. Gravity sells all the items needed to do a coffee enema such as castor oil, flannel, enema bucket, coffee.

Gravity East Village has several options to offer you. 1. Water Enema Followed By Coffee Enema 3. Colonic Followed By Coffee Enema. We recommend getting a colonic first followed by the coffee enema because it makes the coffee enema very easy to complete! Or you can book a Coffee Enema on its own.

Preference: Coffee enemas should be done earlier in the day not later then 3 pm and should be scheduled after a morning bowel movement or colonic session. Two coffee enemas may be done within one week spaced 48 hours apart.

If you are pregnant or have caffeine sensitivity it is not recommended to do a coffee enema.

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