Colonic Irrigation Preparation

The greater the distance between the last meal and your treatment the better. Some people do choose to juice fast on the day of the colonic, but this is not always practical and recommended for everyone. The general guideline is to eat nothing for 3.5 hours leading up to your appointment. It’s best to eat lightly on that day and to stay hydrated. However, it is recommended that you stop drinking all liquids at least 1 1/2 hours before your appointment. This is just to avoid the need to urinate during your session.

It may be more comfortable to avoid animal products, beans, bean products, carbonated beverages and alcohol for a few days leading up to your session.

Depending on how much time you have before your appointment, there are a number of things you can do to prepare for an excellent session:

Drink 16 to 32 ounces of raw vegetable juice daily. Even if you don’t have an appointment we would recommend that you do this every day. Raw juice is absolutely amazing for our bodies. Juice is like soap and the colonic is like the shower. Raw juice helps to loosen wastes in the body. A great cleansing formula is approximately 50% carrot 48% spinach and 2% beet.

Eat a large raw salad BEFORE every meal. Raw fiber acts like a broom through our intestines, sweeping through all of that unwanted debris.

Please AVOID dairy products, red meats, shellfish, processed carbohydrates (white rice, pasta, etc.) and fried foods for as long as possible leading up to your appointment. INCLUDE lots of salads, steamed vegetables, whole grains, sweet potatoes and other vegetarian options. Chicken, fish and turkey are the better choices of animal foods.

*If you have had a recent surgery within the last 6 months or since your last visit or are having a major health problem since your last visit; please contact the office to be clearly to receive a therapy session with us. Thank you.

Infrared Sauna

Please bring a full bottle of water with you for your session. We can refill your bottle with distilled water. It is highly recommended that you get a raw juice or coconut water immediately after or during your sauna session. This is to replace any electrolytes that can be lost with deep sweating. Also, please note that we do not have a shower at our facility. We provide a clean towel to lay on and an additional hand towel to catch any perspiration to dry off with. Our Clearlight Far Infrared sauna is big enough to lay down in or can seat two people comfortably. You may use your phone to listen to music of your own playlist if you desire using a ‘bluetooth’ connection. Enjoy color therapy lights that can enhance your relaxation. There are options available to adjust the heat settings. Gravity East Village offers a 30 minute or 60 minute session.

Nutritional Consultation

Please bring any questions that you have as well as any medical history, names of medications, both past and present. Keeping a general meal diary is a helpful snapshot as to what your lifestyle is like. Inform our receptionist of what your intentions are for the consultation.

SV Insight Bionetic Scan

Please do not eat for two hours prior to your session.  If you are taking any vitamins or herbal supplements, please avoid them for 24 hours prior to your session. Please no energy healing, sauna, massage therapy etc. the day of or night before your session. Please remove as much jewelry as possible prior to your scan appointment.

Quantum Reflex Analysis

Please avoid taking any nutritional supplements for 24 hours prior to your session.           Please no therapy sessions such as a sauna, energy healing, acupuncture, massage therapy, etc. prior to your session with us. Please remove as much jewelry as possible prior to your scan appointment.

 Lymphatic Drainage 

The session lasts for 50 minutes. Expect to undress completely except for your underwear that will remain on. You will then lie beneath a sheet on a massage table, both front and back. There is no specific requirement for preparation although best to do it on a somewhat empty stomach so your body isn’t focused on digestion and can truly be present to receive all the benefits the Lymphatic Drainage Therapy has to offer!