Will the colonic wash away my good bacteria?

Honestly, your intestinal flora is rooted into your intestine. What is washed away can be replenished based on the condition of your flora. You can compare this idea to the way saliva functions in your mouth. Could you ever really wash it away?

How many colonic sessions do I need?

Each individual is unique in how many treatments are needed. Your colon hydro-therapist can advise you based on your first session. One size does not fit all!

 How can I expect to feel after my colonic session?

IMG_2657Most clients report feeling lighter, cleaner and empty. At Gravity East Village we stress that you prepare for your appointment to help you to get the most out of your session, and to make your experience smooth and easy. Most of our clients go to work, exercise, practice yoga after a session and FEEL GREAT! You might even feel like you are so light that you float right down East 5 Street!

Is it painful to get a colonic?

It is not painful to get a colonic. You can expect to feel like you have to poop! Of course, that would be a good sign that you are having a decent session. That means you may feel a gentle pressure or need to release. You will be so engaged in conversation with your therapist that you will hardly notice a thing! Later on in the session you may experience some slight cramping, but it tends to come and go which makes it a minor discomfort that is worth the greater good for your body!

Can someone become dependent on colonics?

No, absolutely not! Having a Gravity colonic is like going to the gym with a trainer. Every time you do a treatment your colon gets stronger. It’s your body doing the work, no one is doing it for you. This conditioning work can actually increase the frequency of daily bowel movements if someone is suffering from constipation or a sluggish bowel.

 What is your cancellation and lateness policy?

If you need to reschedule your session, please call us by noon the day before.

If for any reason you need to reschedule or cancel your session we ask that you please call us by noon the day before. Otherwise we will hold you accountable for that missed session and you will be charged.

Please reschedule all appointments by calling our office at 212-388-9788. We do not accept cancellations by text messaging or e-mail.

We want to allow your body the time it needs to complete your session. Please arrive on time. We allow 1 hour and 15 minutes for your session. Late arrivals do not allow us to give you a full experience. Take this time for yourself to be relaxed and present.

Do I have to provide my health history?

Yes, you are responsible for providing accurate health information, as well as updating Gravity East Village therapists about any changes while under our care. We ask for your health history so we can provide you with the best services possible.

How much do the sessions cost?

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Colon Hydro-Therapy – Sessions last 60 – 75 minutes. Please allow 90 minutes for your full experience.

  • One Session: $150
  • Package of Two Sessions: $270
  • Package of Four Sessions: $500 ($125 ea.)

Infra-Red Sauna – 30 minutes (includes tax)

  • One Private Session: $40
  • Sauna Couple: $60
  • Package of Six Sessions: $210 ($35 ea.)

Infra-Red Sauna – 60 minutes (includes tax)

  • One Private Session: $50
  • Sauna Couple: $80
  • Package of Six Sessions: $270 ($45 ea.)

Coffee Enema/Castor Oil Pack Session

  • 75 minutes: $160
  • Water Enema & Coffee Enema: $270
  • Colonic & Coffee Enema Package $270 – Done on the same day.

SV2 Insight Bionetic Scan

  • 90 – 120 minutes: $180 Includes One Homeopathic Product.

Nutritional Consultation

  • 60 minutes: $150
  • 90 minutes: $210

Quantum Reflex Analysis – 75 minutes

  • One Session: $150
  • Buy the entire protocol and testing is FREE!

Therapeutic Massage (includes tax)

  • 60 minutes: $135
  • 90 minutes: $200

Reiki Session

  • 60 minutes: $180

QRA   I-Pack / Mud Packing Session

  • 90 minutes: $110

Reflexology Session

  • 60 minutes: $135
  • 90 minutes: $200


We Accept Cash and all Major Credit Cards. NO REFUNDS.

Where can I read testimonials?

You can read testimonials here. You can also check out our Yelp! reviews.

What is Accent on Wellness?

Gravity East Village is home to Accent on Wellness, a healthy lifestyle meetup group.
The aim of Accent on Wellness is to offer support, share information and to create a community. The emphasis is to increase the amount of raw food in ones diet, to cleanse the body properly, to nourish the body, and to create optimal health. Accent on Wellness hosts workshops, speakers and meetups throughout the year and bring together people on a common journey to health and wellness. Visit the Accent on Wellness website.

Why are there so many Buddha statues at Gravity?

BuddhaWe have no idea. We’re not buddhists. But people keep bringing them. We like them.