Colon Hydrotherapy

At Gravity East Village, you will find our lovely wellness center in New York City offering Colon Hydrotherapy. Proper elimination is the most important element in creating health. The colon, also known as the large intestine, is the collection site for most of the unwanted materials that the body would like to eliminate. This includes food residues, metabolic wastes and foreign toxins like food additives, drug residues and industrial pollutants. Unsuccessful or incomplete elimination of this material prevents our bodies from reaching peak levels of health and energy. Through diet transition, gravity colonics and cleansing programs we assist our clients in maintaining a high level of internal cleanliness that translates over into the rest of the body.

Gravity colonics generates a simultaneous in-flow and out-flow of water, facilitating an effective and thorough cleansing of the colon while providing a comfortable session for our clients. There is no pressurized machine used of any kind. At Gravity East Village, we use a state of the art water filtration that includes an ultra violet light purification. Your certified Colon Hydro-therapist will be with you throughout the entire session. We schedule a one hour and fifteen minute appointment. We adhere to a high standard of cleanliness, and sterilization of stainless steel speculums occur using a heat sterilizer medical grade autoclave. Disposable speculums are available upon request at and additional fee of $4. Only an FDA approved disinfecting solution is used. Every new client will have an opportunity to learn ways to improve digestion and receive an information chart to take home.

Please advise us of any health issues, medications, surgeries of if you are pregnant or planning to be pregnant when scheduling a colonic treatment.

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