Laura Fritz

Certified Colonic Therapist

I have explored many paths on my journey to health from achieving an 80 lb weight loss, weaning off birth control pills, managing anxiety, to cleansing from candida overgrowth.

The Standard American Diet was all I knew growing up, causing me to suffer from weight problems most of my life. Eating too many processed foods, taking medications like antibiotics and birth control pills, and consuming too much caffeine left me feeling sluggish and depressed.

Moving to New York City gave me the motivation and the drive to tackle my health concerns head-on. I began searching for information on how to regain my health. My best friend who was on a health journey of her own shared with me the documentary “Hungry for Change”. Watching the film opened my eyes to clean eating, juicing, and using nutrients as fuel. Then, wIthin a day I threw out all processed foods in my home, began juicing, and started exercising regularly. Over the course of 10 months I dropped 80 lbs and set the foundation for a new healthy lifestyle.

While my diet had shifted, my environment had not. My full-time job was becoming increasingly stressful. The combination of stress and toxic overload that was circulating in my body as a result of rapid weight loss led to an intense skin irritation. After seeking advice from three dermatologists and trying a series of steroid creams, the rash continued to spread.

Through researching my symptoms, it became clear that I was suffering from candida and leaky gut syndrome. Immediately, I began altering my diet, and shifting completely away from sugar. However, it was not until I began incorporating colon hydrotherapy sessions at Gravity East Village that I saw improvements occur.

I truly believe in the power of food not only as fuel but as medicine. I also believe that an unhealthy gut can be the underlying cause to a number of heath concerns. As I continue on my health journey I am continuously seeking new avenues for self-improvement. I am passionate about sharing the knowledge I’ve gained and learning from others who want to achieve health and happiness.

My personal health journey has brought me to offering support to others as a Colon Hydro-therapist. I enjoy helping others feel better and to take an active role in others health and well being.