Effortless Weight Loss Workshop With Gail Wisner

Gail Wisner

Monday, October 23, 2017
7 pm
Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street
btw. Avenue A & Avenue B
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Fee: $25 by 10/18
After 10/18 $40 / Cash Paid At The Door

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Are you ready to stop eating addictively and to quit hurting your body with food? Are you tired of feeling like you have no control over your cravings, leaving you feeling helpless and miserable?  Tired of feeling like you cannot trust yourself around food and can’t get a handle on your seemingly out of control emotions?  Do you feel like you are continuously putting yourself and your bodily needs on the back burner, busy lashing out all the never ending fires around you?  Is the way you are eating negatively impacting your current relationships, career choices, energy levels and overall satisfaction with your life?  Do you feel alone in your battle with food?  And most importantly, ARE YOU READY TO STOP FEELING THIS WAY?


If you are ready to move from Victim to Warrior, then this workshop on Effortless Weight-loss is for you!  Now is the time to stop putting yourself on the back burner and to address the deep wounds you have been covering up with food. You are much more powerful than you think!  I invite you to come on a miraculous journey of healing and to step into your warrior self, feeling guided and supported to uncover and own your power to stop your self abusive behaviors with food.  Together, we will also heal your primary relationship with that wounded part of you, teaching you how to nurture and comfort yourself without resorting to comfort foods (or other destructive forms of comfort, such as emotionally unavailable men).  These false comforts only serve as a distraction from the core issues or wounds that need to be addressed.


In this workshop, I will share with you my story of personal transformation: how I went from being a woman who could not stop eating compulsively or obsessively, constantly thinking about my next binge or how I was going to get rid of the food after the binge, and continually swearing to myself that this was going to be the last time.  Today, I am someone who is deeply in touch with her body, emotions and the deepest desires of her soul, allowing me to feed those parts of myself with what I am truly craving, which effortlessly eradicates my need to eat addictively.  It is a miracle to no longer be anesthetizing my hurt or scared feelings.


In this workshop, we will cover the concept of nutritional deficiency and how to eat a nutrient dense diet so that our bodies are optimally nourished with the least amount of food, thus eliminating a common source of hunger.  You will be provided with writing and meditation exercises that will strengthen you from your inner core and allow you to feel truly in control of your body and your destiny.  I will also provide you with a myriad of tools and techniques to get you through challenging situations around food, family, holidays, parties, etc…You will learn how to bond in a healthy way with other people that have struggled in the same way and you will learn how to lean on each other, which will expedite the healing process and make it both effortless and enjoyable!


Gail began her career in white collar litigation, where she mastered the art of sticking to the facts and showing up for the client 100%.  Gail studied how to sift through a voluminous amount of facts to create the best possible outcome for the client.  Gail then moved into the real estate world where she helped manage over 300 offices for the world’s largest real estate services firm in the world.  In this position, Gail was accountable to many people simultaneously and had to show up fully no matter what.  Eventually, Gail had the courage to pursue her passion in health and wellness where she went on to study at the world’s largest holistic nutrition school in the country.  She furthered her studies by taking several advanced coaches training courses, where she learned how to bring out the very best in her clients and how to make the seemingly impossible become possible.  Gail is highly creative, customizing out of the box solutions for insurmountable problems.

Having struggled with weight for over 15 years, Gail has spent the last 15 years developing what she calls “Effortless Weight Loss.”  Gail’s hope is that her clients not only lose the weight, but that they are able to lose it effortlessly in a way that is wholesome, fun, cost effective AND sustainable.  Gail has kept her weight off for over 15 years now and is passionate about helping others do the same.  Her approach is holistic, which means she helps clients connect the dots in all areas of their life.  This includes stress, relationships, career, spiritual practice, exercise, sleep, forgiveness, self care, etc…  Rather than dwelling on calories and restrictive eating, Gail focuses on helping clients create happiness and joy in their lives, eliminating the need to eat foods that are not supportive of the bodies needs.  In this way, clients are able to achieve their weight loss and health goals, while reducing cravings and maximizing energy to support their incredible lives.  Gail’s approach is incredibly supportive and sensitive to each individuals needs, allowing her to catapult her clients into achieving their goals and dreams!





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