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Climate Change. Go Plant-Based For A Better World.
One of the many reasons why I have been eating plant-based for over 30 years is because I want to be a good citizen of the world. I understand that it is not the right lifestyle for everyone. I have zero judgment for anyone who chooses to eat animal foods. It is a personal decision and we are lucky to live in a society that allows us to make these choices for how we want to live.
There has been a lot of talk about climate change. And with good reason. The world is in trouble. I don’t have to illustrate why, because it’s all over the news, films and social media. What is not discussed often enough is the major contributor to climate change that being the consumption of animal foods. People want to see a change. We are looking to our politicians for help. The change must begin with each of us. Our example can make a difference. Any small changes made are good, but to get out of the trouble we are in (as a planet) it will take all of us making a real change.
I am offering this FREE forum to teach and discuss ways we can personally make better choices that will support a healthier body, mind and spirit and can make a difference in saving the planet. The time is now!
  • Your Questions And Concerns Will Be Answered
  • Meal Plan Ideas are Shared
  • Recipe ideas that are Quick, Easy, and Satisfying are Shared
  • (Raw and Cooked Food Vegan Recipes)
  • Address what may be Holding You Back from Succeeding
  • Ways to Stay on Track!
  • And the Gentle Healthy Transition to Increase the Amount of Plant-Based Food into your Diet!
Tuesday, October 22nd at 6:30 pm To 8 PM
Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street NYC
OR ATTEND by LIVE-Stream/Watch The Class Live Online
On INSTAGRAM by finding Donna under ‘Stories’ – GravityEastVillage (Follow Us!) At The Time Of The Class.
Please email your full name and phone # to Or Call 212 388 9788
You will be confirmed the day prior to the class.
*Reservations are necessary and seating is limited.
**Handout Information is Provided**
Donna Perrone shares her decades of study and life experience in this exciting, informative class. She is a certified colon hydro-therapist and owner of her wellness center, Gravity East Village. She offers nutritional counseling, is a trained Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner and has been teaching health workshops since 1995. Donna has been living a primarily raw and living foods vegan diet since 1989. She is your detox expert and is often called ‘Detox Diva Donna!’
Whether you are new, in transition or well established in these valuable concepts, this class will inspire and motivate you to take action to balance your life with good health.

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