Special Offer On Massage Therapy!


Get A Therapeutic Massage At Gravity..
Treat yourself to a Therapeutic Massage with one of our very talented Licensed Massage Therapists with many years experience in the field.They have both focused on helping people feel better with real issues and are very experienced and well versed in getting to those deep places that problems occur that can create muscle stiffness and pain.
During these cold winter months our muscles can become more stiff and massage is the best way to feel better! New Yorkers tend to be on the GO! Experience your true relaxed self and get out of Fight or Flight mode! Improve circulation! So many benefits to experience by getting a massage!I am so please to offer some terrific SPECIAL OFFERS to introduce you to these wonderful Therapists!Donna Perrone, CCHT
Gravity East Village, Inc.
Therapeutic Massage Or Reflexology
Schedule a 60 or 90 Minute Therapeutic Massage – Receive $15 OFF!
Schedule a Massage and Colon Hydro-Therapy Session – Receive $20 OFF The Massage!
Therapeutic Massage Or Reflexology & Colon Hydro-Therapy & Private 30 minute Infra Red Sauna Session. – Receive $25 OFF The Massage!

Regular Price For:
  • Massage Therapy: 60 Minutes – $135  /  90 Minutes – $200
  • Colon Hydro- Therapy – 75 Minutes – $140
  • Infra Red Sauna Session – 30 minutes –  Private Session – $40

This Offer is good till March 31st 2019. Payment must be made in advance of this date to receive offer. Offer not applied to any package price or other specials.


Lisa & Cecil use therapeutic massage techniques to effectively release chronic stress areas due to postural imbalances, repetitive motions, and past injuries.  Their medical massage and deep tissue techniques help eliminate pain, increase range of motion, and rebalance the entire body.  Relax your mind, increase your flexibility, and improve your body’s natural immune function through their profoundly transformative massages!

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