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Let’s Get Down to the Nitty Gritty on All Those Questions You Have Concerning:

‘Digestive Health, Plant-Based Diet, Cleanse Your Body and More!’

Donna Perrone, founder of Gravity East Village has been sharing her insights on healthful living for over 29 years!
*         Weight Loss / Weight Gain
*         Proper Food Combinations
*         Allergies
*         Food Cravings
*         Food Addiction
*         Change your pH
*         Heavy Metal Cleanse
*         Cleansing & Detoxification
*         Vegan Diet
*         Raw Foods
*         Stress
*         Digestive Disorders
*         Juicing/Green Smoothie
*         Sugar
*         Liver / Gallbladder Health
*         Nutritional Supplements
*         Essential Oils
*         Candida Overgrowth
*         Parasites
*         Colon Hydro-Therapy
*         Meal Plan Ideas


Get Unstuck –  Get Inspired To Take The Best Care Of Yourself!

Go ahead and pick my brain!


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and do not give advice, or diagnosis. This forum is for general educational purposes and I recommend that if you have any concern about your health that you contact your health care professional.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018
4 pm – 5:15 pm

The Organic Grill
123 First Avenue
(btw. 7 St & St. Marks Place)

Complimentary Finger Food Plates For snacks will be available as well as food orders for purchase.

Please RSVP your full name and phone # to confirm to gravityeastvillage@gmail.com or call Gravity East Village 212 388 9788.

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